pricing package

Our fees are set at $12/h. Time spent can include a combination of errand running or hangouts, whichever you might prefer. Transportation costs of LifeBuds during the service are separately charged.

First Time users (50% off)

usual price

*Transportation fees are charged separately if required during Errands or Hangouts

**Transportation costs for Assisted Transportation are payable by clients

Example 1) Cleaning of house and buying groceries downstairs

   2 Hours of errands without transport needed for LifeBud

   Price = 2 x $6 = $12 (for first time users)

Example 2) Visit to East Coast Park

   2 Hours of Hangouts with $3 transport needed for LifeBud

   Price = (2 x $6) + $3 = $15 (for first time users)

Payments Accepted - We currently only accept

1) Cash - paid to LifeBuds 

2) Paylah/Paynow! to our business line

at the end of service

Cancellation Policy - Cancellation is allowed up to 30mins in advance. Otherwise, 50% of the fees agreed upon is payable.